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Based on research in Sports and Performance Psychology, we will explore opportunities for growth, utilise proven techniques to attain peak performance levels and practice strategies that enhance well-being and foster peace of mind.


We work with you to identify opportunities for self-development and train in specific mental skills and strategies to improve performance and reach your goals.

We conduct workshops on various performance and wellbeing topics that are adapted to fit your group’s needs.

We provide comprehensive psychology support at sports institutions, schools and corporates including individual support and group workshops and training.

Become a Better You

Our aim is to help you cultivate an elite mindset and give you the tools that will help you reach your goals and live happier, healthier lives. We do this through an E.A.T. philosophy.


Let's start with a chat and formulate a plan of action for you to take control of your life.


Let's talk mindset and explore how we can optimise it, utilising mental skills to help you achieve your goals.


Let's apply and practice these strategies in our everyday lives so that we continue to grow and succeed.

Why us?

We help you design
the life you want.
Develop your mental skills to give you that edge.

Any individual, group or organisation needing a boost to achieve their goals, pursuing personal or professional growth, or needing help dealing with specific issues (e.g. stress, anxiety).

Develop skills that can be used across different areas of life, gain an understanding of how and why the exercises are meant to help, and engage in tasks outside of sessions – all of which promote independence and produces long-term sustainable growth.

Flexible. Sessions can happen at your home, at our space at the Hive, at your place of work/training or online via Skype/Zoom.

It all starts with an intake assessment where your needs are analysed and a bespoke plan of action is created. Book today and take advantage of our new intake offer (Individual sessions only)! Get started here

Sounds interesting?


Hiren Khemlani


Hiren has always had a passion for helping people, and soon realized the best way for him to do this was by pursing a career as a Sports and Performance Psychologist, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. He believes that everyone has their own strengths and with the right mindset can accomplish great things, and overcome the toughest obstacles along the way.

what people say?
“Hiren is dedicated to his craft and cares for his clients. He is someone who truly listens and helped my employee through a very tough time. Thank you!”
"The workshop was very useful and had a very easy going environment that made an introvert like myself feel quite comfortable sharing and discussing with others. The workshop really helped me visualise my goals and values and the steps I needed to take in order to reach my goals without compromising what I value in life."
N.T. | Freelancer
“Hiren’s workshops are full of empowering frameworks and exercises that he uses to guide you in the right direction for what you want to achieve”

Our clients

Boosting performance for teams and leading brands.


Peak of Mind is committed to helping you continuously grow and improve yourself so that all that you envision becomes a reality.