"Top-level athletes, world renowned artists, leading entrepreneurs and other successful individuals all understand the importance of the mind to performance."

Empower to be your best, strive to Achieve excellence, and through continuous growth, Thrive.

About the Company


Peak of Mind is a sports and performance psychology consultancy based in Hong Kong with the aim of empowering people to be their best, and helping them reach their true potential.

The field of performance psychology examines mental factors conducive to optimal performance and systematically applies psychology principles and techniques to enhance performance.

It is an evidence-based field ensuring that clients are trained in psychological skills grounded in research and proven effective amongst high-level performers across a multitude of different areas.  

Whether you’re a student, an athlete, a businessman or a musician, we can help you improve individual and collective performances, and overcome challenges and mental barriers that arise.

At Peak of Mind we believe in an EAT Philosophy: To  Empower our clients to take action, guide them to Achieve their goals, and provide a foundation for them to Thrive. We do this through 1:1 consultations, on-field support, group workshops and corporate training with the over-arching goal of elevating performance and enhancing general well-being.

What can you expect?

Expect a professional and quality-assured service. Not only are all our services underpinned by a strong research foundation, Peak of Mind is also guided by the British Psychological Society’s (BPS) Code of Ethics and Conduct and the 4 key principles of Respect, Competence, Responsibility and Integrity when working with clients.

Having difficulties with the following?

  • Unable to replicate training performances in competition?
  • Choke under pressure during a big match?
  • Feel overly anxious before big exams?
  • Unable to keep yourself motivated enough to achieve your career and fitness goals?
  • Having a confidence crisis and lost faith in your own athletic ability?
  • Unable to raise your game to the next level?
  • Get nervous in front of big crowds at a recital? 
  • Unable to concentrate when studying for an important test? 
  • Unable to take the leap of faith to jumpstart your career? 
  • Inconsistent performances in your sport?
  • Feeling burnt out from an extreme workload?
  • Dealing with excessive stress levels at school/work?
  • Having issues with colleagues or your boss at work?

Shape Your Future

Only you can decide what you really want for yourself. We help you reflect on what that is, provide you with the tools to get what you want, and ensure you have the strategies to continue living fulfilling lives.


Take Responsibility


Develop Mental Skills


Evaluate, Persist, Grow

Fuel Your Mind and E.A.T.

Our  priority is helping you develop yourself into what YOU want to become.


At Peak of Mind, we believe that we all have the capacity to be resilient individuals capable of overcoming all obstacles and achieving our wildest dreams. The first step is to accept responsibility for your life and realise that it is you, and only you, that has the power to create what you want for yourself. 

Set out to attain the vision you create for yourself. With the right mental tools at our disposal, we can achieve our goals and overcome all the obstacles along the way. 

To thrive is to be healthy not just physically, but emotionally, psychologically and socially. Continuously push yourself to improve, and learn to enjoy the journey along the way. Celebrate your wins, no matter how small they may seem. Be compassionate towards yourself and forgive your mistakes. Enjoy your successes but more importantly learn from your failures. Experience a life full of growth and success.

Let's discuss the life you want!

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