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To start, the process is the same of individuals and organizations and involves:

  • Initial discussion around your needs and goals 
  • Interview, field observations (where necessary), psychometric tests
  • A plan of action for subsequent sessions
  • An assessment report and action proposal provided to client.

Can be insightful even as a one-off session to help client understand own needs and areas for improvement. 

Individual Consultations


Our 1 hour consultations are all about GROWTH, and they work on a one-to-one basis with performance psychologist Hiren Khemlani. In these sessions, we work with you to identify opportunities for self-development and train in the use of specific mental skills and strategies to improve performance in your respective field and enhance overall well-being.

Specifically, you’ll learn to regulate your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and direct them towards the pursuit of your goals – developing an elite mindset, overcoming challenges and reaching new heights along the way.


what people say?
“Hiren is dedicated to his craft and cares for his clients. He is someone who truly listens and helped my employee through a very tough time. Thank you!”
"Hiren is the best psychologist I have ever come across, he is very patient when listening to me and very great in giving me advice on how to work on my weaknesses and convert them into strength[s], this has helped to improve my work performance greatly and also helped me to look at things more positively! Besides work performance, he has also given me a lot of valuable advice that [has] helped me to manage stress levels, improve relationships with other people and more! He is a really great listener and I always feel a lot lighter and positive after each session! He would even follow up with a session note so that you can keep track of your personal growth over time. I can't recommend him enough and needless to say he has the most competitive rate in the market and what he offers in [terms] of time, energy and effort worth much more than what you pay. It is definitely worth every penny!"

Group Workshops


Group workshops are available to institutions including schools, companies, sporting organizations and athletics teams of all levels, and are tailor-made to the needs of the group. These workshops are designed to aid students, athletes, musicians and other performers in the development of a healthy and positive mindset. A performer’s support network plays a huge role in their personal development. Thus, workshops are also available for parents, teachers and coaches to help them produce the optimal environment for a performer to thrive. During our workshops we work with the group to develop:

Mental skills to improve performance

Team Cohesion

Strategies to cope with the stressors of everyday life

Transferable life skills

Skills to support those around you

Some of our workshop topics

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Align yourself with your values and goals, ensure that every step you take brings you closer to the future you envision. 

In this workshop you will:

  • learn proven strategies to manage your well being.
  • engage and share ideas with like-minded individuals.
  • take actionable steps to improve your everyday life.

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Learn, reflect, discuss and practice essential communication skills to support friends, peers and loved ones.

In this workshop you will:

  • enhance your ability to tell when someone is struggling (mental health).
  • learn the do’s and don’ts of peer support.
  • improve communication skills such as active listening.
  • engage in discussions about how to best care for yourself and others.

Create optimal performance environments that allow people to thrive. Adapted for parents, coaches, teachers and corporate leaders. 

In this workshop you will:

  • reflect on your communication style and its impact.
  • discuss best practices for promoting positive values 
  • learn strategies to help those around you manage adversity and develop resilience.

This workshop was created to help you reduce your procrastination and maintain a high-degree of self-control in the pursuit of your goals.

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • REFLECT: Why do you procrastinate? Gain a better understanding of the thoughts and feelings that trigger your procrastination.
  • ENGAGE: Meet new people, participate in activities and discuss strategies to overcome procrastination in a supportive environment.
  • APPLY: Learn strategies to overcome procrastination and leave with a clear idea as to how you are going to make this your best year yet.

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Comprehensive psychology support to promote excellence and wellbeing

We work in-house with different organizations to provide comprehensive support based on your needs. This can include individual sessions to help with wellbeing or give people a boost, team-building workshops and training across several performance and wellbeing topics. The overarching goal is to help everyone at the organization develop an elite mindset that helps them produce consistent results, and to ensure they thoroughly enjoy being a part of the team.

Sports Associations/Teams

We embed proven sport psychology frameworks such as the 5C model within an organization to help athletes improve performances and develop psychosocial competencies that benefit them in and outside sport.


We implement series of workshops at schools to students, teachers and parents with the goals of supporting wellbeing needs, enhancing student development, developing transferable life skills and encouraging the embodiment of the school’s values.


We aim to support the wellbeing needs of all staff members, create psychologically safe environments that promote learning, and organise corporate training events to boost morale and produce results.

Get in touch to discuss your organization’s needs, and how we can help.